Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JYJ Fans Want to Stop SM Entertainment’s Interference

JYJ fans have pulled together for a petition that they submitted to the Seoul Central District Court and Fair Trade Commission against SM Entertainment.

The fans submitted the petition to protect JYJ’s legal and human rights. They want to make sure that SM Entertainment can not interfere or use anti-trust activities against JYJ. The court already put forth that the company couldn’t take part in such actions, but the fans don’t agree that SM Entertainment is following that.
One representative of the International Consumers of the Korean Wave and a JYJ supporter stated,
“Although the Korean court has twice affirmed JYJ’s right to engage in entertainment activities without interference, we have witnessed SM and its co-conspirators violate these legal rights openly and repeatedly,”
86,418 fans from around the world signed the petition that started on February 2nd. It was set up in 10 different languages to make sure that fans all around the globe could understand and take part in this matter they seem to have strong feelings toward.
When the Fair Trade Commission was asked if they receive the petition, they stated they were unable to confirm this. At this point it’s unknown if the petition will have any affect on what these fans are urging to be taken care of.

The Korea Herald
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