Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SM Undecided on Japanese Activities, SNSD Sends Condolences and Prayers to Quake Victims

The world was shaken by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami disasters in Japan a few days ago. While the world is praying for the country and its victims, entertainment agencies in Korea and Japan will be having meetings on March 14 to discuss and work out their future plans and schedules in the countries.

Last weekend, the agencies were busy making sure and confirming the safety of the Japanese office and staff while evacuating their stars from the country for their safety.
Delay of album releases and debuts in addition to cancellation of scheduled activities is highly possible during the current situation although music companies in Japan are expected to resume their businesses as usual.
Safety is definitely a priority as a representative of SM Entertainment conveyed, “The safety of our employees in Japan is the priority for now. We have not discussed any matters pertaining to business and we will have a meeting on March 14. Currently, we have not decided to cancel or postpone any of the activities.”
Meanwhile, the girls of SNSD sent their deepest condolences and prayers to the victims of the quakes through a mobile fansite and their message were kindly translated by the folks at Soshified:
“We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake. We came to know about the news of the earthquake in Thailand. Regarding SNSD who have activities in Japan, this is not somebody else’s problem and all of the members are concerned. Even now, the aftershocks, tsunami and disasters continuously occur and there are serious damages. This current condition pains our hearts very much. We pray from our hearts that everybody will peacefully overcome this hardship.“
SNSD was scheduled to release their new Japanese single Mr. Taxi on April 13 and commence with their Japan tour in May but all these are unconfirmed due to the current circumstances. An official statement from SM Entertainment is expected shortly.

Source: osen.co.kr/nate.com/Kkabbekky@soshified.com/Kanki@soshified.com
Translated by: fanwonder.com

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