Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Intel Releases New Videos Featuring SNSD’s Yoona, Taeyeon and Seohyun

IT giant Intel dropped a pleasant surprise today for SNSD fans everywhere!
A new video featuring three members of SNSD, Yoona, Taeyeon and Seohyun were released from Intel earlier today.

The three girls were making good use of the new Intel Core line of processors (i3, i5 and i7) where maknae Seohyun were making a movie of herself dancing to Visual Dreams and Taeyeon were impressed by her work.
In the next clip, Taeyeon and Yoona were trying to choose outfits and Taeyeon had the bright idea of projecting the outfits onto a TV where Yoona cutely stood behind to try on the outfits.
Yoona also watched a 3D version of the music video Visual Dreams on a laptop equipped with the new processor. Finally, Yoona was seen with Lim YoHwan a.k.a BoxeR, one of the most successful StarCraft professional player to date, with a fanclub of more than one million members. Impressive?
Earlier this year, SNSD were chosen to become the spokesperson to promote the line of Intel Core processors in the Asia region and the group subsequently released a song Visual Dreams as part of their endorsement deal.
Also, Intel Asia has been making rounds in the Asian countries in conjunction with their launch of the new processors. T-shirts autographed by each of the nine members of SNSD were distributed for each launch to be given away to winners of contests, such as the recent Visual Dreams dancing contest held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where two lucky winners walked away with T-shirts autographed by Taeyeon and Jessica respectively.
Check out the latest video from Intel below! Be sure to check out the HD versions and keep your eyes in their sockets!

Source: chyansie9xx@youtube.com
Written by: yegrina@kpoplive.com

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