Thursday, March 17, 2011

MBC Every1 Apologizes to Super Junior’s Leeteuk for Using the Term “Sponsor”

MBC Every1 recently issued a formal apology to the Super Junior leader for using the term ‘sponsor’ over his account of being in a relationship with an older woman during his trainee days in the February 8th episode of Super Junior’s Foresight.

The production team behind the aforesaid talk and variety show is regretful and apologetic towards the hardworking leader for using the tagline “Leeteuk’s female sponsor” during that particular episode in the program where the members were asked on the matter of dating older woman, to which Leeteuk shared his own story of dating someone who was way older than him even before he debuted as a member of Super Junior.
As you may know, the Super Junior members are hosting their own show entitled Super Junior’s Foresight, where they invite famed seniors from the entertainment industry as guests in the show for quite some time now. This resulted to a lot of negative comments in various sites, which made him respond “Please don’t put in misleading article titles for the sake of promoting the show. It doesn’t feel good,” through his Twitter on the 9th of February.
It can be remembered that during this episode, Leeteuk bravely admitted his past relationship, and even said that the older woman ‘not only provided everything he needed from head to toe, but would also occasionally receive pocket money from her when he goes to the salon and for shopping’. “During my trainee times I was a younger man who received special treatment from an older female. (She’s) not only more mentally matured, but also more financially stable as well,” remarked Leeteuk honestly.
As this is a sensitive topic for idols, largely due to the negative connotation of the word “sponsor” in the entertainment industry, netizens, fans and viewers alike had divided reactions and comments regarding the matter. Therefore, to address the various concerns of everyone, a representative from the production team behind Super Junior’s Foresight finally went out of their way to express their remorse and say sorry not just to Leeteuk, but also to Super Junior’s fandom by saying,
“(It) has deviated from its original meaning and the word ‘sponsor’ was perceived in a negative manner. The title of the promotional material was wrongly selected and misleading. The beautiful love story from the past has been distorted and became an issue on the internet, and because of that I’m sorry to Leeteuk who was upset from the matter.”
This surely is a delicate issue, but knowing the forgiving and kind Leeteuk, this shouldn’t be that much of a trouble or worry, even to their loving and supportive fans in any way, as this is already a thing in the past.

Source: Newsen + in00022@SJ-WORLD.NET
Translation: eternalsnow@SJ-WORLD.NET
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