Thursday, March 17, 2011

ELFs Make Super Junior’s Heechul Shed Tears in Taiwan

That is, with tears of joy, during Super Junior‘s Super Show 3 stop in Taiwan recently.
Because Heechul was involved in a fan-related accident that caused an injury to his face during their third Asian tour’s stop in Shanghai, he didn’t participate in some of the performances during the course of the three-day extravaganza. However, during the final stage in the third night, Taiwanese ELFs chanted “Milky white skin Kim Heechul, I love you Kim Heechul” in Korean, which caused the aforementioned Super Junior member to shed tears.

The moving gesture touched Heechul, who cried despite donning a mask on, in order to cover his face because of his injury. It was also reported that during the last night of the of series of concerts, Taiwanese ELFs were able to collect approximately 30,000 Taiwan dollars which was all allotted for food support. This caused fellow member Donghae to give their fans in Taiwan full marks for all their efforts, who said “we saw the surprise prepared by our fans and we are very touched.”

Leeteuk, Super Junior’s ever grateful leader on the other hand also remarked, “The last time we came, we had two concerts and because of fans’ love, we could have three concerts this time, let’s see if we can challenge four next year.”
In addition to that, Donghae also hilariously remarked in Chinese by saying,
“Dearest dream lovers, please come into my dream after the end of today’s concert. You need to line up to purchase tickets to watch our concert, but you don’t need to do that to come into my dream. Therefore, when you enter my dream tonight, please give me a call.”
To entertain their fans even further, Shindong also did Mum Is The Best In This World, a famous Chinese children song, and Justice Pao, a famous Chinese drama. And like their previous stops in various other Asian cities and countries, fellow SM label mate TRAX also graced the Taipei Super Dome as guest performers, even though the duo’s main vocal Jay Kim injured his left foot.

Previously, we reported that their 2010 hit song Bonamana was reigning the Taiwanese music charts as the number one song for 40 weeks in a row. Lo and behold, it remained stronger than all its other contenders for one more week, which makes the song’s current record number one for 41 weeks straight. In response to the unwavering love and support of their Taiwanese fans, Leeteuk said,
“We kept hearing good news while we were in Korea that “Miinah” has claimed first place for 41 consecutive weeks in Taiwan. We would not be able to achieve such good results without the encouragement and love from fans. We are truly grateful to them.”
True enough, Super Junior has a lot of things to be thankful for, and it’s a good thing that they are always modest and humble in everything they do, wherever they go. Fans can look forward to what wonders their upcoming fifth album can do in the future, which is scheduled for release sometime this year.

Source: Yahoo Taiwan
Translation: KyUIsL♥Ve@SJ-WORLD.NET
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