Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lee Nayoung and Bae Yongjoon to Wed this April?

Rumors continue about the possibility of two top actors tying the knot very soon.
Since 2008 there have been rumors circulating about Lee Nayoung and Bae Yongjoon being engaged and then marrying. Of course each time the rumors are brought up the agency will quickly deny them, reporting there is no grounds to the rumors.

Bae Yongjoon has also denied the rumors, stating that the only ties they have are being with the same agency. However, a recent purchase by the actor has raised suspicions that the marriage between himself and Nayoung could be true.
Apparently Yongjoon purchased a home for him and his “future wife” to take up residence in after the wedding. The wedding itself is reported to be taking place in April. Though KEYEAST is quickly working to solve the issue to ensure that all rumors are put to rest as being false.

Source: The Chosunilbo
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