Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Bang’s Rise Since Their Comeback is Not Slowing Down

Big Bang continues to rise to the top with their comeback and 4th mini-album.

Just 48 hours after the release of their music video for Tonight, the video hit well over 1 million views. It’s already nearing 2 million. How many could it have by the end of the week? Is Big Bang looking at setting a new record on YouTube?
It’s quite possible that the five member Kpop idol group is going to be setting new records for many other groups to try and catch up to. With a little more time it’s quite possible with this sort of trend, that Tonight could reach 2 million maybe even 3 million by the weekend. Quite possibly even reach double that with the first week of the release.
Topping all the music charts and even putting a halt to other Kpop idols comebacks and debuts, what else can be in store for Big Bang?

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