Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wonder Girls Celebrate Their Fourth Anniversary

Wonder Girls have shared their fourth anniversary with fans all around the globe.
Today marks the fourth year that Wonder Girls have been performing as a group. The girls were excited to celebrate this with fans through their USTREAM channel. They gave their fans the special treat of seeing them live at 9 a.m. EST. Did you manage to catch that special airing?

During the show they talked to the fans about their new year, possible countries they may be traveling to, and even playing their favorite iPad game. They announced not 10, but 15 winners from Korea all the way to Texas.
If you did watch and didn’t notice, on the USTREAM channel, there was a little announcement under the video. Did you catch it? If not, here it is.
Win 2 VIP tickets to the Wonder Girls’ US tour by uploading videos of your “2 Different Tears” dance moves!!! Come back to next Saturday, May 22nd for more info.
2 VIP tickets to the Wonder Girls’ US tour! Yet another amazing fan giveaway from the amazing Kpop girl group. It’ll definitely be interesting to see who enters in videos to show off their dance moves to 2 Different Tears.
If you weren’t able to catch the live streaming of the girls, don’t worry about that. We have the link for you to watch the recorded version as many times as you would like. So click here and go check it out.
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