Thursday, February 10, 2011

Korean Drama Wave Hitting the U.S.

Korean dramas are making their way into the hearts of American viewers.
The popular hit shows that Korean fans love so much, is also being shared by American fans. With dramas such as Iris, Coffee Prince, Secret Garden and more gaining more attention from the U.S through many online sites that stream Korean dramas.,, and so many more provide easy access to watching Kdramas that have newcomers addicted.

Looking through reviews from fans of the shows reveals just how many fans the dramas touch. One viewer who begin with watching the action packed drama Iris stated, NCIS and CSI are good, but this is action drama at a whole new level. It’s one of those shows where you promise yourself ‘just one more episode’ and you end up watching the sun come up.”
Just from becoming addicted to these Kdramas, fans find themselves going to bed late or missing an important matter. American fans have also stated in reviews that because dramas end in such a way that you must see the next episode just to find out what happens, it keeps you coming back for more even after you’ve finished.
Entertainment Weekly also covered the sudden waves of Korean dramas hitting the U.S. They stated that Kdramas and American dramas are on two different levels. You’re not able to watch them the same way because the plots unfold so differently. Having them stretch out and leave you at cliff hangers, leaves viewers shocked while American dramas always get straight to the point.
“K-dramas can appear simplistic and downright campy to an American viewer, but they’re also fascinating and weirdly comfortable in a ‘movie-of-the-week’ kind of way. They’re also not afraid to whack you over the head with an important moral lesson or social critique.”
The new wave of Kpop music and Kdramas is booming around the world. Before long every country it touches, may just be strongly influenced by it.

Source: The Korea Times
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