Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What are the 4minute girls up to this Lunar New Year?

What are the 4minute girls up to this Lunar New Year?
"We're recording our first full length-album"
The girl group 4minute sent their New Year greetings to their fans and informed about their plans for the release of their first Korean full-length album.
Gayoon, through a representative, expressed her wishes. "During the Lunar New Year, I want to go privately to my maternal grandmother's house. As it is in the countryside, I would like to spend the Lunar New Year in a simple mood, while eating regional dishes tranquilly with the members. I also want to enjoy it with the members, eating the rice cake soup our good cooks, Jihyun and Hyunah, prepared"

She also added "We'll get to see you soon with our new first full-length album. Please anticipate it a lot!" which increased the fans' expectations.

Jiyoon simply expressed "I would like to spend it first with the family, and then meet the friends or the acquaintances I couldn't see to enjoy talking with them ordinarily."

Hyunah joined them stating "I think I'd most like to spend it with my family, I also wish to spend it amusingly eating delicious food and playing yut with the members". She apprised that 4minute recorded several Lunar New Year special programs as well. She said further "The truth is, because it was the first time we ever tried running a marathon*, we thought we would only have to run and that it would be hard."

Sohyun hoped she could surely meet her parents and her family and added "Please enjoy the TV programs 4minute featured in! And we contemplate the new year, please just wait for us. We're working hard for the preparations. When the new album comes out, our songs will fill with happiness and pleasure. Please be prepared to be happy and wait for it", asking fans to wait for the soon-to-be-released album.

As for Jihyun, she revealed "Last year, we had activities in Thailand during the Lunar New Year, this year, I wish I could personally see my family and close relatives and exchange New Year greetings with them." She also expressed her desire to spend the Lunar New Year with her family. "In fact, I also want to tell my mother and my father that I'm getting concerned about their health as they age and that I want to stand at their side and give them strength too. I want to spend happy but simple moments with my family"

She also alluded to their upcoming album "As you will soon get to see 4minute's new image during the year of the rabbit, please anticipate it a lot. We are currently enthusiastically recording songs, I want to let everyone hear it quickly. "

*cf KBS 2TV Celebrity Marathon Championship, airing this Feb 4.

Source: OSEN via NATE, Wikipedia
credit dkpopnews
Translating + Reporting: Meeli
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