Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Bang To Resume Activities In Japan Plus to Perform For 90,000 People!

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On the 2nd, BIGBANG announced they would be restarting activities in Japan after 8 months. They plan on releasing a new song in April and having an arena tour in May.
Since the release of “BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER” on August 25, 2010, all of the members have been focusing on solo activities in Korea. T.O.P (23) was awarded the best new actor award for “71: Into the Fire”, which will be in Japan starting on the 19th.The group has been waiting for a good time to come back to Japan this year. The tour is expected to have 7 stops with 90,000 people in attendance. They are planning to surpass their first Japan tour last year, which 50,000 people came to. T.O.P enthusiastically said, “We want everyone to quickly see our power up”. Leader G-DRAGON (22) also commented, “Let’s have a fantastic year”.
In commemoration of the tour, all Uniqlo stores will begin selling collaboration T-shirts on the 5th.

Translated by:gator_yoong@omonatheydidn't
Source: Sanspo
credit : dkpopnews

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