Friday, February 25, 2011

Lee Seon Ah and Yunho are just good friends !

“U-Know Yunho’s girlfriend? No. We’re just good friends.”
Actress Lee Seon Ah laughed loudly and waved off the remark. At the slighly awkward question ‘You seem to be close with U-Know Yunho?’, she smiled and began talking.
“Yunho and I are hometown friends. I knew him until I was in college but we stopped contacting each other once Yunho got busy.”
The question about the two came from the ‘Star shot’ they took together. (T/N: ‘Star shot’ is the sticker photo which you can decorate and write on, like the ones Yunho and Yoochun took together in 2004.) The ‘Star shot’ U-Know Yunho and Lee Seon Ah took together 7 years ago is spreading amongst TVXQ fans and has become a hot topic.
“It’s a photo we took at COEX while Yunho was still a trainee. ‘Star shot’ was all the rage back then, and it was something everyone did; it was like a rite of passage.”
The last time Lee Seon Ah saw U-Know Yunho was when she was attending an acting academy before enterting college as a theater and film studies major. There, she met another one of U-Know Yunho’s hometown friends by chance.
“Once, Yunho visited our acting academy to cheer us on not long after his debut. Back then, I used to like Micky Yoochun so I teased him and said, ‘Why didn’t you bring Micky Yoochun with you?’ We still used to speak in a Jeolla province dialect back then. hahaha.”
“Whenever Yunho or I felt like life was getting too hard, we’d say, ‘Let’s work hard and meet again as members of society.’ Since I’m working hard right now, I’m sure he’ll say, ‘You’ve gone through a lot, great job,’ if I run in to him one day, right?”
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