Friday, February 11, 2011

Jeong Junho Will be Marrying Lee Hajeong on March 25th

Jeong Junho has announced the wedding date to confirm his marriage to MBC announcer Lee Hajeong.
On March 25th the wedding between the actor and announcer will be held. With the date and wedding hall already set, they’re finishing off the final details of the date and event.
Junho will be making the official announcement after returning to Korea around the 13th of February. He’s currently in Japan for a fan meeting.
The couple first met back in November when Hajeong went to interview the actor. At the time he was filming the drama Queen of Reversals and not too long after the interview, the two began dating. A short time of engagement for the two to become suddenly married.
Junho commented during an interview when the relationship was brought up, that even though they haven’t been seeing one another that does not matter. The length of time of knowing someone is of no importance, but the fact she’s a very nice person that he truly likes a lot.

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