Friday, February 11, 2011

Dalmatian Releases Audio Teaser for “Real Eyes” and “Really Really”

Ever since the announcement of their upcoming comeback on Valentines Day, 6-member group Dalmatian has been pretty busy releasing audio teasers one after the other, to excite fans and supporters alike for their first mini album.

Adding to the hype is an audio teaser for the songs ‘Real Eyes’ and ‘Really Really’ which was unveiled today.
The aforementioned two songs will be included in the tracklist of their first mini album, alongside tracks such as Lost In Love, That Man’s Rejection, and LOVER COP.  And on the same day, it is reported that they will hold a special showcase for their fans as a celebration for their comeback in Hongdae.
In the video, you can see the members practicing their dance routines while lip synching some parts of ‘Real Eyes’ and ‘Really Really’, making fans anticipate all the more for their impending comeback on the 14th.
Before the entire album drops in music stores, you can curtail your excitement by checking out the teaser below!


Source: TonyKPOPMV @YouTube + Daum
Written by: eren

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