Friday, January 28, 2011

2NE1′s Manager Does a Parody of Sandara Park

2NE1‘s Sandara Park uploaded a picture of herself and her manager and have made many people laugh.On the 27th, Sandara Park uploaded this on her Me2day and said, “Cute Etude Girl, Sandara Park” and have revealed the cf pictures that were shot during the Etude House cf. In the picture, Sandara Park has short hair and is wearing round glasses and is holding a book and a pencil, bringing out her young facial features.

Along with this, she wrote, “Manager Son, who is 2NE1′s manager, did a parody as Sandara,” and uploaded a picture of the manager. The picture contains the manager who’s trying to look like Sandara by doing the same pose and holding the same items. Because of his big figure, many thought the manager was holding a sausage instead of a pencil like Sandara did.
She also wrote, “He’s the model of Maktude (run like crazy). He’s holding a sausage instead of a pencil. Etude vs. Maktude! What’s your choice?
The fans wrote, “The manager is parodying Sandara Park again,” “It’s so funny,” “He parodied as tangerine Dara and now he’s doing Maktude,” “I think the manager is so cute.”
Sandara Park filmed a cf of herself in a bathtub full of tangerines and the manager parodied it as well and uploaded a picture to compare the two.

credit tvbanimeonline
Translation: eunjin @

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