Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Won Bin and Kim Minji Parodies Secret Garden for SK Telecom CF

After the hilarious CF of Ha Jiwon and Psy for Cass Beer, another Secret Garden parody CF has been released.

This time around, the commercial is for SK Telecom, and it stars the handsome and famous actor Won Bin with one of the music show KBS Music Bank‘s host, Kim Minji, who is also an actress. For this CF, the pair has parodied the Secret Garden sit up scene where you can see the inspired Won Bin doing sit ups in a slow motion because of the presence of the beautiful Kim Minji. However, this changes later on, as Won Bin moves in full speed when the pretty actress gets replaced by a male fitness trainer.
Check out the CF below!

Source: WonBinWorld@youtube.com
Written by: eren@kpoplive.com

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