Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TVXQ Appears on MBC “Knee Drop Guru”

Stills of TVXQ‘s appearance on MBC‘s Knee Drop Guru have been released on the MBC homepage online community board.

Yunho had a pleasant expression while Changmin had a quite serious face, causing MC Kang Hodong to question how their relationship was. TVXQ recorded Knee Drop Guru on February 23rd in total secrecy, as they barred the filming center. Yunho and Changmin talked with Kang Hodong about their 2 year survival of the group, the crisis of the members leaving, and the recent comeback in light of the break up.
Want to know what was said? The episode will air on March 2nd so stay tuned to Kpoplive for the inside scoop of what was said and more Kpop Music News!

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