Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ha Jiwon and Psy’s Behind the Scenes Photos for Cass Bear Unveiled

Actress Ha Jiwon and singer Psy‘s behind the scenes photos during the filming for an upcoming CF for Cass Bear has just been revealed.

As soon as the photos were uploaded and circulated to various online and portal sites, fans have been quick in commenting on what has become the new Kim Joowon and Gil Raim couple. Recently, the two got together to shoot a Secret Garden inspired commercial, where Psy becomes Hyun Bin for a day and romances Ha Jiwon on his behalf.
In the image stills below, you can see the singer and the actress re-enacting various scenes from the aforementioned drama which are close to the hearts of its avid viewers. Check out Psy and Ha Jiwon’s stills while doing the infamous sit-up and foam kiss scene below!

Ha Jiwon Psy 20110305 1
Ha Jiwon Psy 20110305 2
Ha Jiwon Psy 20110305 3

What do you think? Can Psy pass as the new Kim Joowon? For more of the latest in Korean Entertainment and Music.

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