Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Bang and TVXQ, Who Will Win the 2011 Power Ranking?

The race is on to see which Kpop artists are number one in power rankings for 2011. Who is it going to be?
Right now there is voting going on for the 2011 Sport Chosun Musician Power Ranking. Fans of many different groups are flocking to the site to vote as many times as they can for their favorite Kpop idols. Who will win this battle?

Right now as you can see, TVXQ is at the number one spot but Big Bang is fast approaching. Fans are posting on the YouTube channels and videos of their favorite artists for other fans to join in on the voting.
It seems as though there is an unlimited number of times you may vote for your favorite idols, so that’s exactly what fans are doing. Every minute the numbers for Big Bang and TVXQ jump up. So who’s going to win the race?
Voting will end on March 7th, at 12 p.m. KST. So get all your voting in before then to find out just which group will come out on top.
Source: Sports Chosun
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