Sunday, February 20, 2011

YG Entertainment Favors SBS with Big Bang’s Comeback?

KBS and MBC are in a panic with Big Bang‘s comeback since SBS has snagged the right to have them featured.
Not only are Kpop idols and entertainment companies in a frenzy over Big Bang’s comeback, but so are television stations. Big Bang’s return to the music spotlight has proven to be quite possibly the biggest issue in Kpop this year. Especially since they will be appearing on SBS in their own 1 hour special and have no activities set up for KBS or MBC.

Some speculate that it could be because YG Entertainment‘s president is close to those apart of SBS. Though in fact, he did speak up about this as he stated; “What a pity. With MBC and KBS there’s no bad feelings, it’s all unfounded rumors. Given the opportunity, it’d be nice to appear.”
Even with this known, it’s still leaving KBS and MBC in a rather tight bind. After all, Big Bang’s comeback will receive high ratings for whatever station it appears on if SBS hadn’t been the one to get the head start on it all.
SBS has stated that they put a lot of effort into preparing for Big Bang, just as they have with all YG artists that make an appearance. This time around they’ve gone all out leaving out no exceptions along the way. If the ticket sales for Big Bang’s concert were any hint, it’s all but obvious that on February 27th, SBS will be the most watched.

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