Thursday, January 27, 2011

T-ara’s Eunjung reveals herself to be an avid fan of Jang Giha and Faces

T-ara’s Eunjung revealed herself to be a hardcore fan of the famous band ‘Jang Giha and Faces‘ by leaving a heartwarming series of fan tweets, as well as a personal letter towards the band, on her Twitter.
On January 27th, she wrote, “Jang Giha and Faces, if for just one day I cannot listen to their songs, I lose strength.  How do I phrase this… their music is like a book for your mind and soul.  A book that is like a strong pillar of support that helps you stand your ground.”
She continued, “Their characteristic beats don’t have a set rhythm and raise my fun gauge so well.  I bought the songs ‘I Left Something Important in the Room of the one I Broke Up With,’ ‘An Alien Will Abduct Me,’ and ‘Space Behind Your Mom‘ for my mini-homepage.”
Eunjung then left a letter to Jang Giha by writing, “To Jang Giha oppa.  I’m not writing this in promotion, for real.  For just once, wear what you usually wear, your jeans and converse, a hoodie… and perform.  You look 15.4x younger and more handsome.  They say your album has sold out, but could I not buy any that are in your office?… How about an autograph?”
Jang Giha personally responded to her message by tweeting back, “Thank you.  I’ll give you one next time.  With our first and second album together.  In March, we’re even releasing our third album.” Eunjung replied, “That’s great.  But like promised, please let me listen to your second album.  Otherwise I’ll sit in front of your office wearing a mask.”
Onlooking netizens comented, “Eunjung must really be a fan,” “Even idols are fans of artists, very cool,” and “I want to see Eunjung wearing a mask in front of his office!”
Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

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