Saturday, January 15, 2011

‘My Princess’ Lee Gi Kwang, having flower on his hair and pink pajama on ‘shock’!

Lee Gi Kwang appeared for the first time in ‘My Princess’.In episode 4 of the new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘My Princess’ that was broadcasted on January 13th, Lee Gi Kwang acted as Kunnie who dreams of becoming royal court chef.

Lee Gi Kwang volunteered to be a supporter of Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee), showing unlimited affection to her who came to his raw-fish restaurant at the beach. Lee Gi Kwang showed his unlimited affection to Lee Seol by winking and making a cute facial expression to her, and comforting her while she was distressful.

Especially, Kunnie entering the palace was shown at the end of the drama. His appearance, wearing pink pajama and having flower on his hair, was impressive. How Lee Gi Kwang will do in this drama is raising expectations.

Park Jung Hyun


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